Guest room at the Best Western Plus Kamloops Hotel in Kamloops, BC.

See How We Save Energy Throughout Our Hotel

The Best Western Plus Kamloops Hotel is committed to reducing our impact on the environment daily. See how.

We clean our guest rooms with “Ozone” infused water that eliminated 95% of chemicals regularly used to clean and disinfect guestrooms. We purchase as much as possible product from local suppliers within our 100 mile radius (local pastry and  local dairy in our breakfast program).

Waste Management
With a target of reducing landfill waste, we have implemented comprehensive recycling programs for a variety of materials such as newspaper, cardboard and recyclable products, with the addition of donating used soaps and amenities to Clean the World. There is a recycle bin in each guest room so you can assist us in this target. We donate our used sheets, towels locally and even our used beds. Our recycling costs are almost as high as our waste removal! We only get pickup 3 days a week for waste removal.


Energy Conservation 
The hotel was built with Power efficiencies to ensure all lighting conserved energy where possible while still maintaining appealing lighting for the guests. Compact fluorescent and LED lights were used exclusively through our guest rooms. All rooms also have a motion sensor to reduce the heat when unoccupied and during the guest absence from the room. This reduced our BC Hydro annually by $10,000! U\Our on-demand hot water system reduces our Gas consumption to 50% below Hotel standard.

We've established purchasing policies for the purchase of, and conversion to environmentally friendly products.
These include the elimination of hazardous chemicals and synthetic perfumes, a conversion to unbleached Kraft and recycled paper and the replacement of aerosol products with ozone-friendly alternatives. We are constantly reviewing and finding new ways of eliminating chemicals in the building.

Water Conservation 

All guest rooms have water efficient shower heads and tap aerators and low flow toilets reduce water waste. Optional towel and sheet exchange programs are available and our valued guests are also doing their part for our environment by conserving enormous amounts of water, energy, and detergents. We do a 3rd day linen change on long term rooms.

Geothermal Technology:
We used the latest Geothermal Technology (you drove over it in our parking lot) to heat all our public areas, our hot water and to heat the pool. This reduced our carbon foot print compared to a standard heating system by over 35%. 

Quick Facts

Green Hotel: We are part of the Green Hotel Association and are a 4 KEY “Green Key” that recognizes our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.

TripAdvisor: We also meet the “Platinum Level” green on the popular hotel review site.

Green Cars: We have installed both a Universal Electric Car charger and a Tesla Car charger for our guests.

Digital Systems: Our accounting and payroll have gone digital saving over 25 trees a year.